and wholesale of medical products

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Every day, doing a variety of work at home, we are exposed to various adverse factors and chemicals (household chemicals, dust, dirt, paint, etc.). It is very important to protect skin of hands and other parts of the body.

Packing of latex or nitrile gloves, bactericidal plasters, medical masks, alcohol pads and other products will be instant and useful for everyday use at home.

IGAR products are always near at hand!

Wide range of products allows you to use it in your everyday life.

“IGAR” Ltd. procures Ukrainian market with modern and high-quality medical products at affordable prices since 1992.

The products under IGAR trade mark are recognizable and very popular and “IGAR” Ltd. is known as a reliable supplier.


Рукавички медичні
Medical gloves


Пластирі медичні
Medical plasters


Медичні прилади
Мedical devices


Бинти гіпсові
Plaster bandages


Medical gloves IGAR High Risk


Неткана одноразова продукція
Non-woven disposable products


Гігієнічна продукція
Hygienic products


Хірургічні пластирні пов'язки
Surgical dressings


Infusion systems


Adult diapers




Iнші товари
Other products


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