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Injection disposable syringe trade mark IGAR three-component «Luer» with needle

Injection disposable syringe trade mark IGAR three-component «Luer» with needle is sterile disposable medical product.

Component parts of the set are three-component “Luer” syringe and a needle. It consists of cylinder, piston and seal. An additional structural element is a rubber piston, which makes the use of a syringe convenient.

The presence of the piston provides a smooth introduction of the medicine, which reduces pain during performing an injection.





  • Syringes trade mark IGAR are made from high quality materials
  • Sharp needles - special triangular sharpening of needles for pain-free injections
  • Accurate graduation of the syringe scale
  • Reliable needle fixing - provided by "Luer"connector
  • Dense, tight fit of all elements of the syringe
  • Sterile. Non-pyrogenic


  • Syringes are made of medical polyethylene. The needle has a particularly smooth surface, made of stainless steel.
    Silicone coating the surface of the needle and syringe. Syringes do not contain latex.
  • The piston is absolutely tight to the cylinder. The special piston coating ensures an easy and smooth ride.
  • Transparent cylinder for safe and accurate dispensing.
  • 1 syringe in individual blister pack.
  • The blister pack maintains sterility and provides ease of opening.
  • Transparent packing material allows you to visually determine the size of the syringe.
  • Sterilization is made with ethylene oxide.

A large assortment:



All types of intravenous and intramuscular injections.

Volume of syringes/Packing/Morion Code:

Packaging: 1 piece in an individual blister pack. Sterile.

Syringe volume Needle parameters Packing rate, /pieces/ Morion Code
group transport
1 ml

with needle

0,4× 13 mm

(27G × 1/2″)

100 2000 102018
2 ml with needle

0,6× 30 mm

(23G ×1  1/4″)

100 1200 102019
5 ml

with needle

0,7× 38 mm

(22G × 1 1/2″)

100 1200 102020
10 ml

with needle

0,8× 38 mm

(21G × 1 1/2″)

100 1200 102021
20 ml

with needle

0,8× 38 mm

(21G × 1 1/2″)

50 600 102023

Shelf life:

Shelf life: 3 years.

Manufacturer: “IGAR Ltd”, Ukraine


The medical device is declared and placed on the market of Ukraine according to the requirements of Technical regulations and Conformity Assessment of medical devices, the product has a complete package of documents and packing labelling in Ukrainian language according to the national standards and Technical regulations.

Quality management system of the Manufacturer meets the requirements of DSTU EN ISO 13485.

Declaration of Conformity: No. 24-05 / 2017-IGAR




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