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Bactericidal plaster trade mark IGAR Kiddy type (polyethylene base with cartoon images)

Bactericidal plaster trade mark IGAR Kiddy type (polyethylene base with cartoon images) -is а popular type of adhesive plaster that will be useful in every family`s first aid kit.

Funny colourful kiddy pictures of children on the plaster will help distract, please and calm down the child.

Plasters can be used to close small wounds, cuts, scratches, abrasions, injection sites.

The bactericidal plaster prevents the secondary infection of the wound, speeds up the healing process and masks the wound.



  • High quality, optimal size and packing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Allows skin to breathe and does not stick to the wound
  • Do not leave marks on the skin after removal.
  • The optimal price/quality ratio


  • Made of polyethylene micro-perforated moisture resistant, highly elastic base.
  • Absorbent pad has a high level of absorption and is located in the center.
  • Microporous structure – allows the skin to breathe.
  • Does not cause skin maceration.
  • Hypoallergenic glue and  base  are suitable for gentle children’s skin.
  • Kiddy`s bactericidal plaster trade mark IGAR has its most popular size of 1.9 × 5.5 сm

Size/Packing/Morion Code:

Packing: in a carton – 100 pcs. Each patch is sterile, packaged in an airtight container.


Size Packing rate, /piece/ Morion Code
group transport
1,9 * 5,5 сm 100 10 000 478025


The patch is used to provide first aid for minor abrasions, cuts and scratches. Do not forget that the plaster must be changed periodically. This should be done to prevent the pollution.

Shelf life:

Shelf life: 5 years

Manufacturer: “IGAR Lrd”, Ukraine


The medical device is declared and placed on the market of Ukraine according to the requirements of Technical regulations and Conformity Assessment of medical devices, the product has a complete package of documents and packing labelling in Ukrainian language according to the national standards and Technical regulations.

Quality management system of the Manufacturer meets the requirements of DSTU EN ISO 13485.


Declaration of Conformity No. 18-03 / 2016-IGAR


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