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Medical Corn Plaster RiverPlast trade mark “IGAR”


  • Easy to use
  • Made of quality materials
  • Convenient, compact packaging №5

Base: fabric (100% cotton), flesh color.
The patch has a microperforation that allows the skin to “breathe”.

The strip of the base of the patch has rounded edges, uniform, without incisions.

On the inside of the patch is a protective, absorbent white color pad, with a colored disk in the center. The pad protects healthy areas of skin from salicylic acid, as well as reduces pressure on the callus.

The hard paste, which is placed inside the disk has brick-red color. The diameter of the disk is 10 mm.

Inside the disc are the main active ingredients – salicylic acid and phenol, which soften calluses.

Reliable fixation of the patch allows it to act neatly in the area of the callus, without affecting healthy areas of skin.

Adhesives: acrylate

Patch size: 7 x 2 cm

To protect the adhesive surface of the patch use a transparent polyethylene film.
After removing the patch, the remnants of glue on the skin do not remain. Disposable medical device.


Packaging: 1 piece in individual paper packing.
Small group packing № 5, foil package /
group packing – 50 packings on 5 pieces, a box /
transport packing – 1200 packings, a box.

Indications for use: removal of dry calluses in adults.

Means for external use.
Before applying the patch, the feet should be steamed and thoroughly wiped dry. Remove the protective film and apply the adhesive tape so that the disk with the corn mass covers the surface of the dry callus, and the adhesive tape, located on the sides, provides a secure fixation.
Remove the patch after 12-24 hours.
The patch should be changed daily.
If necessary, repeat the procedure (3-4 times) until complete removal of the callus.

In case of pain skin irritation or redness of the skin (allergic reaction) – remove the patch immediately.

Shelf life: 5 years


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