Background information of medical devices

Background on the medical needles

Medical needles , depending on the purpose divided into: Needles: solutions designed for administration of drugs, drawing blood from the vein or artery blood . They are used with syringes […]

Background on the suture materials

The first use of plant fibers described in the Chinese treatise on health for 2000 years before our era. There are also descriptions of suture materials ( CMM ) in […]

Background on the medical gloves

Latex gloves Latex — the substance milky white in color, wherein the natural rubber , synthetic rubber or other polymer is blended in the form of a solution ( melt) […]

Background on the medical catheters

Intravenous catheters Venous catheterization has long been a routine medical procedure for one year in the world installed more than 500 million peripheral intravenous catheters. However , in Ukraine, due […]

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Мinistry of Health of Ukraine

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Medical market overview

Medical market overview

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