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Medical cap trade mark IGAR

Medical cap trade mark IGAR  is a disposable medical device of universal size, folded in the form of an accordion. This form of packing provides simplicity of use, storage and transportation. Made from non-woven breathable material. The presence of a dense elastic band provides reliable fixation on the head.

It can be widely used in many industries: medicine, beauty salons, SPA-salons, food production.



  • Medical cap trade mark IGAR is made of high quality non-woven material
  • Comfortable elastic bands
  • Compact, comfortable and safe
  • Universal cap size


  • The cap of IGAR is made of high-quality non-woven material based on polypropylene, which passes air well.
  • Dense and elastic.
  • The cap completely covers the head.
  • The cap is non-sterile.

Size/Packing/Morion code:

Universal size. / Morion code: 183904

Packaging: 100 pieces in group packaging / 2 000 pieces in transport packaging.


Disposable medical caps made of non-woven material are widely used in various fields: medicine, veterinary (in clinics, hospitals, clinics), in pharmacology, in beauty salons, in factories and food processing enterprises; in restaurants, cafes and canteens – in the preparation of food, where it is necessary to observe high standards of hygiene.

Shelf life:

Shelf life: 5 years

Store in a clean, dry place away from heat, direct sunlight, moisture, and ozone.


The medical device is declared and placed on the market of Ukraine according to the requirements of Technical regulations and Conformity Assessment of medical devices, the product has a complete package of documents and packing labelling in Ukrainian language according to the national standards and Technical regulations.

Quality management system of the Manufacturer meets the requirements of DSTU EN ISO 13485.

Declaration of Conformity No. 13-11 / 2016-IGAR


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